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December 06, 2004


Tim Worstall

I suspect the answer is that if we do have to buy political services in this manner we should be buying as few as possible. An argument for a minimalist state, but then I find that the facts that the sky is blue and the grass green to be so as well.

James Hamilton

It would be like buying from a supermarket that not only stocks Pedigree Chum to the exclusion of all other products, but shelves it in the luxury foodstuffs category.

Patrick R. Sullivan

Of course, you know the answer, some goods are not excludable and non-rival in consumption. But far fewer than most people think.

What If Supermarkets Were Run Like Schools:



Not excludable and non-rival? Who are you kidding? And how's a State monopoly a "solution" to that alleged "problem"? See my article "Public Goods Fallacies":

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