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March 26, 2005


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Fred Boness

John Pertwee was the best Doctor.

Tim Worstall

Who’s Billie Piper?


Can I reply by asking if you are an American? Also, why can't Billie Piper pronounce Hs?


Who's Kathy Sykes?


This is Kathy Sykes:
This is Billie "one of Swindon's brightest talents" Piper:
And Peter Davison was the best Doctor of all time. He's no relation to Brian Davison, who is the best batsman of all time.
These are facts.


But how does she sink her putts with a ball that big?


Can we stop this ridiculous idea that Tom Baker wasn't the best Doctor?

Natalie Solent

I will *so* discuss the economics of a situation of total abundance, if I have a Mind to.

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