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May 18, 2006


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» Blood and Money from Whimsley
Stumbling and Mumbling often points me to things I didn't know. A few days ago he pointed to this:if you treat everyone as if they were motivated by money alone, you might drive out these higher motives and worsen management-labour [Read More]


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Igor Belanov

Alan Ball and Emlyn Hughes are (or in Hughes case were)complete hypocrites, so I wouldn't trust their judgement in the slightest. They are simply typical of the anti-Leeds prejudice of the time.
Revie looked after his Leeds players well and created a good team atmosphere that paid off on the pitch. The reason it didn't work with England was partly because the manager-player relationship is different in international football and partly because of the opposition to Revie from players and media that was there from the start.

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