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June 15, 2006


Igor Belanov

Yes, I'm in full agreement!
I'm just disappointed you didn't mention big Jan Koller, bald, ugly, yet a great centre-forward!
I was rather amused also when my brother pointed out that Schweinsteiger actually means 'pig-climber' in German. Following up from that well-known Middlesbrough, Liverpool and Spurs player Christian Goat.


I'm so old that I can remember when mid-field maestros had not only to be bald, but were often fat.

Mark Holland

Recall the Ripping Yarn Golden Gordon where the star player of Barnstoneworth United, reunited from their glory days of the twenties, gleefully flings his wig off in order to score a header and the team's first goal in many years.


England is for once a well balanced side, at least on this measure, with Beckham and the other poster boys nicely balanced by the strange looking beings that are Rooney and Crouch...


I actually thought that Schweinsteiger meant doing something a little more prosaic than climbing pigs, although maybe that is a euphemism. But I would have to agree with Bruce that the ultimate proof of your thesis is Rooney and Crouch, particularly after the magnificent header this afternoon...


Shouldn't post while, er, slightly the worse for wear: what I meant to say was, I thought that Schweinsteiger meant doing something a little more earthy to pigs than climbing on them. Unless "climbing" is a euphemism similar to "mounting".


_A good-looking footballer is against nature._

Just as well nobody told Enzo Francescoli that.

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