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October 04, 2006



Pointing out that Hari is a plonker is rather like saying so of La Toynbee. Fish, barrel.

minny the wage

Of course I'm sure they'd rather have the 187 quid than nothing. So what if there is no min wage? workers on low wages get more welfare benefits - what appears like state handouts to citizens is just obfuscated subsidy of those employers running their businesses with such false economies that they can't afford to pay their employees a living wage.

dave heasman

I'm glad, though, that Hari had a go at the only "proper" job that Cameron's ever had (one more than Blair, then) as a PR flack for ITV when ITV Digital was going tits-up, welshing on the football teams and losing squillions of shareholder pounds. Cameron lying throughout, and making himself very unpopular.

Henk Van Vleck

This is more an indictment of means-testing than of minimum wage. I wonder how much the government spends on assessing, monitoring and administering for the extra 187 quid per year seen by the individual?

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