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November 06, 2006



A related issue is why so many Greens have a declared opposition to "technocratic" solutions in favour of - yes - culture and character. You would think it obvious that stuff is easier to change than people (mammalian evolution, after all, operates on a scale of tens of thousands of years; car manufacturers turn over new models every year), but there is obviously something I'm not getting.

Chris Williams

For Bunting, _everything_ is a sink issue.


It is about her worst article for a while which is saying something- I kept on thinking if we reduce consumption then we reduce spending hence we reduce economic growth hence we reduce the chances of someone somewhere staying alive. Does that woman ever thing?


It's a convenient untruth.

Andrew Zalotocky

1. Yes, but it's more than that. It's an opportunity for statists of every stripe to demand more government control over the public.

2. Yes, but it already has become one.


Um, forgive me if I am being ignorant, but is not the argument about "greedy egotism" the same as the "tragedy of the commons", in effect?

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