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December 29, 2006


Mrs Trellis

Chris there is nothing in the proposal that appears to me to support a conclusion that this initiative will be more open that the current stakeholder groups. The agenda will be tightly controlled by the sponsoring ministers, the presenters will be chosen from 'representative stakeholders' - the usual crew plus any other groups that has lobbied the minister anf 'offered solutions'. Participation from the floor will occupy less than 10% of the time available and be restricted to receipt of views on a number of tightly drafted propositions set by the departmental officials/specaila advisers. In other words a sham.

Laurent GUERBY

Funny to see Tony Blair pushing this a few weeks after the french left candidate Segolene Royal did so.

As for criminal juries, the critical piece is access to information. But in the age of internet, government can provide nearly all available relevant information for free to all citizens. Of course government do not want to release said information, but on they will at some point and it will increase public spending efficiency (interestingly such transparency and associated gains will not happen in the private sector, parallel with the "many eyeballs" of open source software and science proces)




chris strange

I thought that we already had a panel of citizens picked by their fellow citizens to scrutinize and suggest the laws, parliament. That this has been corrupted by the party system getting in the way of them truly representing the interests of the people that elect them might be a problem, but something makes me think that it is that they are elected (that this panel won't be) that Blair objects to.

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