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April 11, 2007



I did enjoy your hint that the BBC might suffer from in-group homogeneity bias.

Colin Wilfred Holland

Some 10 days ago I sent a message to the BBC that if they allowed Alan Johnston to die in seclusion then I and the majority of UK people will not forgive them.
I am happy to see that their efforts are now somewhat more vocal and focussed, but still not at the level I would expect.


My debating group in Damascus (made up of Kuwaitis, Syrians, Americans, Britians, Yemenis, Iraqis, Muslims, Christians, etc.) always seemed to go over the same initial ground at the start of every subject (be it football, Israel, Islam).

Yes. There are different strands in Islam.
Yes. There are different schools in Christianity.
Yes. There are Arabist and Zionist papers.
Ad nauseum.


Fair comment, Chris.


BBC middle east coverage is notoriously pro-Palestinian (one correspondent openly weeping at Arafat's funeral for example) - no doubt when he is released he will be excusing his own kidnapping!

Mark Wadsworth

What? They've taken our postman-turned-education minister hostage and the government is doing nothing about it? Will he be allowed to sell his story?


Guess what Chris, there are plenty of people who think that the BBC's Middle East coverage is 'notoriously' pro-Israel or pro-American. They too can quote plenty of examples.

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