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October 02, 2007



Terribly cynical, no doubt, but I assume that the Boards of companies overpay for other companies because it is not really their intention to do their shareholders a good turn, but themselves.


Clearly Ebay are learning from Rupert Murdoch.

Chris Williams

All very well, but isn't there a better phrase than 'diseconomies of scale'? Not poetic, is it?


Along with others that I know, I installed computer to computer Skype and found the connections of poor quality and unreliable. Conference calling would have been a significant bonus if it worked properly (volume levels were quite different from different participants). So I gave up. Then along came Vonage advertising with its box to plug into my home network, small monthly fee and not too bad joining fee, so I tried that - and its great for calls to landlines, uses phone numbers (not funny account IDs as Skype did), but not so good quality on calls to mobiles. Not a logical decision to just go for it without analysing other market offerings (including Skype's phone number level), but low risk to get started and its been successful for me. Vonage rightly targetted those of us with significant investment already in equipment (that home or small office network).

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