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December 14, 2009


Paul Sagar

"though California tops the list for most mental distress. "

But is this down to Californians including their pets in mental health surveys?

California is, of course, the world capital of mentally ill pets (most of whom are, naturally, receiving psycho-active medication to ease their suffering).

Tim Worstall

"Louisiana is the happiest state in the US, followed by Hawaii and Florida. The unhappiest states are West Virgina, Rhode Island and Pennsylvania,"

Oh dear. Purely by eyeballing this list of gini by State:


We seem to see that the happy states have higher than average inequality while the unhappy ones have lower than average.

So, that puts paid to The Spirit Level then.....


And the pursuit of economic growth?


I don't see that at all in your (rather dated table). But the correlation with beaches and happy states seems much clearer to me!

Phil  (Dex)

what was slightly odd i thought though on their report was they kept jumping from saying there was 51 to 50 states on the titles of their graphs. pedantic i know but there is only 50.

Would ahve been nice if they could have labeleld thier dots as well so you could see which states where the outliners. Otherwise i'm afriad i just kind of glazed over when faced with that much stats.

So thanks for giving a bit of a break down about it.

Ken Houghton

Coincidentally, LA is (iirc, and I'm 99.44% certain I do) also the only US state ever to default on its debt obligations.


I believe, however, that wages are lower relative to living expenses in Oregon and in Hawaii than most other places. Clearly, there appears to be some arbitrage going on.

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