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March 08, 2010


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Will Davies

And yet, isn't it often said that the young have too much much faith in their own stance and capabilities, and too little appreciation of risk? Isn't it the case that we grow more conservative as we grow older, because we grow to understand the fallibility of ideas, plans and ambitions? We allegedly become more Burkeian in politics and more Hayekian in economics.

Or perhaps those are just truisms peddled by conservatives, and the reality is much more complicated. Maybe growing older involves greater appreciation of risk, but less appreciation of uncertainty, i.e. it involves the replacement of existential questions with scientific ones.

And then again, on the other hand (err.. the third one it seems) I often wonder about the Bob Dylan line "oh but I was so much older then/I'm younger than that now", which I assume is a reference to sheer seriousness of 20-year-old civil rights campaigners of the early 60s, in contrast to the more hedonistic period that would follow.

john malpas

When you are 75 years old you will realise that it all doesn't matter.
Actually only toothache matters.


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john Terry's Mum

What is your job?


Sailing to Byzantium

alanm crisps

Yeah but now I know what things on menus mean.

So all is well.

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When you are 75 years old you will realise that it all doesn't matter.
Actually only toothache matters.


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