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April 24, 2010


David Heigham

"Is Chris Dillow trapped in drudge politics?" Seems to the question from the previuos post.Or am I? -Lib since 1951.

Events condition us differently. A confriming moment for me as a Liberal was when the nascent nastiness against Peter Thatchell got slapped down hard by the Liberal party.

Tom Freeman

Please don't test your theory by getting Fraser to write a guest spot on this blog.


Are there more reader friendly discussions of cognitive bias than Wikipedia? I'm thinking of something like Taleb's Black Swan theory -- a readable work that made you feel foolish if you didn't take the effort to follow the appendices.

Please note that I do not seek recommendations for Malcolm Gladwell, except as an example of bias.


Wolf is really poor, most of his arguements are quite unimaginative; even amongst the right-of-centre FT crowd he is by far the worst commentator and his books banging on about the benefits of Globalisation are second-rate compared to other pro-globalisers like Easterly or Rodrik.

Mourinho's style of football is defensive football, he prioritises results over style or attractiveness of play. Some managers like Wneger came in and had immediate success while playing a more flowing style of football. Which isn't to say that Mourinho can't do it, just that he isn't at his strongest at it. Besides at Inter he faced none of the pressure you cited and inherited a team that was dominant in the Serie A but the style hasn't really changed.

Luis Enrique

isn't this a bit of a nature or nurture question? the answer to which being: both

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