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January 28, 2014


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Luis Enrique

I am surprised by how many smart academics I have met (and I mean genuinely smart) also like to disparage others and can be something of a bully. Why don't they realise the best way to signal quality is to be unfailingly generous, self-depreciating and sweet? I guess because there are different varieties of "smart". Most of the real top dogs I have met are sweeties, and it gives out the clear message that they are so secure in their position that they can afford to be that way.


LE's point is interesting; it throws some light on the behaviour of Paul Krugman.

Luis Enrique

prm - hmm, maybe when trying to win battles in the public eye, sweeties don't win

Luis Enrique

another small point - 17 is awfully young. Maybe that's why he didn't drive her to La Gavroch in a Lamborghini


The ultimate example would be whatever Kim is currently running North Korea.

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