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December 31, 2004



The IHT is a tax that authorizes the state to appropriate the property from a individual. Alternatively, one can view it a tax on families. Families unlike corporations are bound by a human life span.

The argument that some gains may have been illegally gained is irrelevant. If the law does not recognize the crime in a court of law why does the tax man have the right.

Further, that the Sage of Omaha feels that the IHT is fair is irrelevant unless you are into idolatry. If so please keep this activity to yourself and those who share your religious beliefs. The Sage is free to donate as much money as he wishes. It is interesting that he is so generous with other peoples money.

Jim Grote

I have a greatly expanded version of the article you mention (thanks for the complement by the way) that you may be interested in. It's just been published at changethis.com. If you send me your email I will be happy to forward it.

Jim Grote

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