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January 09, 2005



Have some sympathy with your point - I wonder if we could do better by removing government entirely from the direction and management of overseas aid, restricting it to just funding and priority-setting?

You're probably aware of Social Policy Bonds? (I assume so, because I read about them in Economic Affairs, and I remember reading an article in there about the minimum wage by a financial journalist...) Was just thinking there's no reason we couldn't fund a bond to (say) reduce malaria deaths over seven years, which we then auction off. Of course, in that case they might start surreptitiously using DDT, but hey: don't ask, don't tell.

Tim Worstall

Elaborations, umm, accepted. Especially the half decent Govt part. Than again, half my thought (way too simple to be a thesis) was that most of the problem is exactly the lack of those.

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