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February 22, 2005



Free immigration is anyway incompatible with a Welfare State; but that aside, if Africans are entitled to the same respect as Englishmen, why would you imply that their ability to find work on more advantageous terms be obstructed?


Because it encourages us to educate a generation of people to work in McDonalds, and to take the educated people from abroad to work our skilled jobs.

EU Serf

I'm with DearieMe on this one.

In developing countries Doctors often need more than one job to make a living. With a State dominated Health Sector and therefore no market in labour, they are forced to work for a pitance. If the governments that complained about loss of skilled workers really valued them they would remove the barriers to their earning potential.


The worry about poaching scarce medical staff from 'underdeveloped' countries is more of a stumble than a mumble in my opinion. What you fail to acknowledge is the thriving market in medical training that exists in countries such as the Philipines. It's not the case that the NHS recruiter goes to the local Manila hospital and rounds up nurses on their tea-break. Young women know that a medical career is one of their surest ways to earn money. There are huge nursing colleges that prepare women for a nursing career in the west. Rather than exporting raw labour, these colleges ensure that developing countries export value-added labour. The colleges themselves make a profit and contribute to the local economy.

AND I'm not sure you would really want to privilege a nation's macroeconomic performance over the free will of individual young women who want to pay to learn skills that are scarce in the west. Where's your methodological individualism suddenly gone?

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