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March 10, 2005



"Economics: from Adam Smith to Ken Dodd" - there's a PhD in that.


Can you send her round mine afterwards?

Tim Worstallt

Blimp...seconds? Yurgh!.

I’ve been looking back at this Robbins lectures, where he lays out what he thinks is the correct level of taxation for this optimally happy society (don’t know whether it is in the book, would love to know) and it’s 60% marginal rates (adding direct and indirect) on incomes over about 10k. As we currerntly have higher than that (adding excise taxes) we appear to be over taxed by some 70 odd billion, or 7 % of GDP. Sounds aboutright to me, but I don’t think that’s quite the point he wanted to make.


It's a trade-off, Tim. Only a managerialist would suggest I can have my Sykes and get first go. On this blog, surely we know better. Chris gets first dibs because (a) his idea and underpinning analysis; (b) home owner; (c) age before beauty; and (d) I'm trying to make him see that Right-wing elitism's the way forward - so he needs to see the benefits.

I just thought of a very bad joke. But taste and decency suggests I go no further.


There was the OECD figure that suggestion an above-average income worker who was married (to a non-working spouse) and had 2 children paid roughly 70pc of every £1 earnt over the average as tax. [Yesterday's Daily Mail published it]
I guess this would help explain why so many middle-class married men are so miserable.

Robert schwartz

Is Kathy Sykes a "plaggy hootered minger?"

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