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March 29, 2005


Tim Worstall

Fair point.


Just wait until you have a 19 year old daughter: "Daddy, I think you should buy a midlife crisis car."

Andrew Duffin

I dunno why, but it seems that music and languages are two things that you really have to learn when you're very young (like, under 12). Older people really struggle with these things.

I think linguistics people (linguisticians?) have some theories about this, but anyway subjectively it is true.

Hard luck on us oldsters of course. I did plenty of musical learning at the right age - piano, organ, singing, all that kind of stuff - and I remember having a 50-year-old classmate who just got nowhere. He was a surgeon, so not stupid, he had some talent, and he worked really really hard but progress was there none.

You may make some progress, but boy will it be a fight.

Tough but true. Get used to it.

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