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March 03, 2005



Another one: the coffee houses of Change Alley were eventually stamped on by the government, afraid of what was going on there. This time round they won't need to: it'll be libel lawyers and assorted ambulance chasers sniffing a buck.

EU Serf

The wish to maintain credibility, the only currency of importance in the blogsphere makes the discussions that go on much more interesting that the slanging matches that so many other discussions end up as.

backword dave

I found that I stamped on the coffee-house analogy here http://backword.me.uk/2004/July/todoistobe.html, though I can't remember why I was so certain. New media are just different, I suppose, and metaphors blinker ...

Backword Dave

Ah, silly me: ignore the comma. The link should be http://backword.me.uk/2004/July/todoistobe.html

free music

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