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April 25, 2005



"the success of Bank of England independence with the failure of the intelligence agencies before the Iraqi war. One institution is subject to easy and close public scrutiny and feedback." Yes and one had a bloody difficult job to do and had its findings sexed-up by No.10, and the other has a job that has been remarkably simple so far: yet to be tested in adversity. The sine qua non of reforming goverment for the better is shrinking it; not sufficient but absolutely necessary.

Paddy Carter

it's all terribly confusing.

i can never tell my listening to the public from my pandering to public prejudices.


The only time the Government's customers can give any feedback is at at a General Election. It's hardly dynamic.


"the NHS is buying Aids drugs intended for Africa"

You seem to be implying the NHS *knew* it was buying drugs intended for Africa, but there's no evidence of that. This seems to me a fairly clear-cut story of market failure and corporate killing, so simply pinning the blame on 'the Government' is pretty shoddy.


Sorry, Jim. I didn't intend to imply that. I merely meant this as an illustration of how the state's good intentions can go wrong. The evil is the private sector's; the incompetence - failure to police the drugs policy properly - is the state's.

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