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April 15, 2005


Scott Campbell at Blithering Bunny

But people who live in cold countries stay inside a lot more than people who live in warm countries. So perhaps it's the staying inside that makes them smart -- in which case you'll make them smarter by keeping them indoors.

(Then again, perhaps it's all that playing sport and lounging besides pools, rather than reading and arguing in pubs, that makes people in warm countries dumber but happier).


It's a biological fact that you can't crap when you're cold. Outside toilets therefore teach kids to bake their turds. This instills in them the importance of deferred gratification. And this, in turn, encourages savings and therefore investment.

Ah, that's good stuff. Putting the anal into economic analysis. You want to watch that the Adam Smith Insititute don't nick this bit of intellectual property.


Mmm, L'Espirit du Lois... Montesquieu would have been proud.


Yeah, and you learn to piss in your wellies to keep your feet warm.

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