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April 26, 2005



You can create pseudo-intelligence by using justified text rather than left-aligned. I just discovered this when playing around on my site.
Anyway you are confusing two scores... one was the complexity of the content, long words with many syllables; the other was readability (Flesch Reading Ease)

Also, it is quite possible your long blogroll upsets the weighting, as who knows how these tools work.


You should worry - my Gunning-Fog is 9.76, ave syl 1.51. I'm even below Newsweek. Must be all the cursing I've been doing lately.

And I'm sure I speak for all S&M readers when I say: that's quite enough about heteroscedasticity.


At least they didn't call him Balding Rick.


Wow. "Contrafibularities" is a real word and people have used it in a 21st context.


Rip off Blackadder a little more why don't you?

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