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April 04, 2005



Prescotts to you, Mr Caborn.


Whilst I agree with you, there was a fight between Gareth Batty and Graeme LeSaux then both of Blackburn about 10 years ago....

Tim Worstall

As it is called in the real game of rugby, Handbags. The ref’s answer is usually stop being prats and get on with the game.


I dont see the problem of two people having a bit of a scrap. They shouldnt have been sent off, I mean they didnt foul the opposition. For the NU fans, you just spent £30 on a ticket, you're 3-0 down, so it was worth the admission price.
If the ref hadnt sent them off, but just said "Now now ladies, save it for the shower room after the match.", it would have been far better.


I remember Don Hutchison lamping Richard Gough when I was at Goodison in the late 90s. They went out for dinner afterwards and it was never mentioned again.
Disappointed by the Scouse wedding jibe though.

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