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April 07, 2005



I read somewhere - I think in a book by Alex Cockburn - that it was seriously suggested around the time of the Russian revolution that Lenin be offered an honour of some kind, since this would clearly have a moderating effect on his attitudes and policies. Ah, the deep, deep sleep of England...


That's far too good to be true - you must have made that up yourself.


Don't be surprised that a College Master is a plonker, and remember that "Emma" was the college that appointed Norman St John Stevas as Master. I ask you! The lark is that "a number of experts", a "number of people of knowledge and experience" could be found who recommended those two African bozos.
Mind you, that is consistent with my own attitude that I never pay any attention to any argument couched in terms of "a number of...": if the silly sod won't say what the number is, I dismiss his views. This rule of thumb works surprisingly well.


It's a damn good job these African states don't have democracy otherwise you'd be awarding degrees every five minutes as they got a new leader elected.


Not if they adopted postal voting?

Robert Schwartz

IIRC, Fidel Castro had ambitions to be a baseball player. It was speculated that he would never had made the trouble that he did, if he had been signed by a major leauge team.

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