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April 22, 2005



I would be more inclined to have unit trusts if the management charge was only paid if they outperformed some financial index such as the FTSE-100.

In an age of high consumer debt, it is also far better for most individuals to pay off outstanding loans and pay off their mortgages before using any savings vehicles.


In my experience, when you call yourself "balding" your friends cackle, point and ask "what do you mean 'ing'?".


When a personal finance journalist left the FT a few months back, such was her contempt for the fund management biz that she recommended that you invest in property or, if that was bad value when you had your money available, you should nip down to the Post Office and buy some index-linked savings certificates.


Have you considered the possibility that F&C are making a sophisticated advertising finesse on the collective psyche of the UK? The economics seem to press towards a collective response (cf Shiller) but Fund Managers are unlikely to benefit from any such decision. They are also closely focused on cash savings in tangible asset bases as opposed to, say, investing in excellent family relationships, where families provide a suitable caring infra-structure. And of course rather a lot of people don't live until retirement age at all a morbid statistic which has underpinned the entire 'retirement package' industry for generations.

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