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May 12, 2005


Scott Campbell at Blithering Bunny

>Is it because anti-racists irrationally prefer statist mangerialist interventions to than market forces?

Is the Pope a Catholic?


I've often wondered whether it would be wise to scrap anti-discrimination laws for all firms below a certain size of workforce, or, even better, for all firms who do not meet the Monopolies Commission's definition of a monopoly. Then we'd retain the laws for any sector of the economy that's screened from market forces: all arms of government, professions with monopoly rights etc.


Although I make this claim with no evidence, I reckon the higher instances of police searches is largely due to the area where it happens rather than the inherant racism. Most young blacks live in inner-city environments, where the possibility of a police search is far greater than in the more rural areas, regardless of race.

I'm not offering excuses, I still think young black men are victimized, probably due to the reasons you give, but just not to the degree often made as an example.


Ron Atkinson isnt a racist.

Laban Tall

I don't think state racism has more than a small effect on the performance in school of black boys. That's much more down to a culture that says its not cool to learn.

Read Tony Sewell or John McWhorter.

In order of performance (measured by GCSEs) UK Chinese do best, then Indians, native Brits, black Africans, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, Caribbeans.

And as for NHS racism - white males now only make up a quarter of medical students. Something like 40% of NHS staff were born abroad. Wherever this putative racism's coming from, it ain't the natives.


> "Is it because anti-racists irrationally prefer statist mangerialist interventions to market forces?"

Is it because racists are lazy mediocrities who rationally fear competition from hard-working and talented individuals from other countries/ethnic groups?


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