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May 17, 2005



As someone who used to manage and interpret skills demand forecasting and skills demand surveys of companies - its impossible to accurately predict what skills you will need in the economy in the next 12 months to the level of accuracy to set detailed immigration quotas.

I agree - best left to the market. But we can make it easier and quicker for companies to hire the foreign workers they need?

I think at the end of the day the result of the goverments policy on manpower planning & immigration will be all a big mess and we will send people away who we really need like nurses, builders and doctors.

I voted but I am pretty unimpressed so far.


You only have to look at the government-controlled intakes to our medical schools to see that Government manpower planning is doomed to failure. Like almost all Govt economic planning, I suspect.

Paddy Carter

Chris I still don't understand what you're saying here. It still seems to me that the best reason not to vote is if you are indifferent between the parties, or at least indifferent between the likely winners. I would be sympathetic to some argument based around signalling, but I do not see that abstention sends a signal either way. Are you saying here that the fact all three parties have the same duff immigration policy (motivated I guess simply by the desire to be seen to be "doing something" and to outmanoeuvre the each other) validates your indifference between the parties, or are you saying their stupidity validates your "protest"? If it is the latter, then I do not understand how anything the parties do has any bearing on the validity of abstention as means of a protest

Paddy Carter

Although, upon further thought, I realise that if you do assume abstention has some protest value then these immigration policies clearly do validate your decision


BTW Blimpish did some excellent posts from the political viewpoint, rather than economic back in january.

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