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May 25, 2005



Super stars are super stars where-ever they appear & therefore some of us are loyal readers of you! Blog readers have to locate somewhere; where better than mixing in the intellectual common room that blogs appear to offer?


Gosh: the bottom of the top 10 gets only four times the pay of the top of the bottom 10. That's more egalitarian than I'd have guessed. Should I believe these numbers?


Thinks: the top 10 types probably have distributions of pay with long tails to the right; there is no obvious maximum. The bottom 10s meet a minimum wage at the left of their distributions and are probably limited to the right by their ability to move up to the next rank: these jobs are rather unspecialised. So would it look even more egalitarian if they reported medians?


And they are GROSS salaries, and salaries alone: no benefits. If reported net of tax & benefits, would they be even more egalitarian (and if not, why not?).

The Unknown Professor

My sense (at least from what I know of the literature on executive compensation) is that the distribution would be even more skewed if we included benefits into the analysis. The reported compensation also may not include deferred compensation.


Unk Prof: thanks - it seems that I should not believe these numbers.

James Hamilton

Blimpish? Bile? Mind you, I wouldn't rule out him being rather flattered by the association..


James, I'm bowled over... made up... other positives!

Peter Briffa

And I've got a nicer butt than Mr. Littlejohn. Or so I've been told.


Peter got Back?

Laban Tall

Ijust hope the Mail makie his columns avaiable online - but probably not, if Peter Hitchens is any example.

Time was when Mr Briffa and I would quote him every other day.


nice post; excellent book on this type of phenomenon is Frank and Cook's "winner takes all markets"; extends the analysis to a range of areas

Andy Cooke

Mr Littlewhatsit's replacement (at least for today) appears to be Boris.

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