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May 10, 2005



After many years reading management textbooks and studying economics, and having my wife recently do an MBA I can attest that evidence is surely lacking from many MBA and business course curriculums.

Why Charles Handy can write one half-decent theoretical book "Organisational Theory" and then go absolutely bonkers writing all sorts of crap for the next 25 years still amazes me.

Management Gurus are the new (old) Snake Oil salesmen. Maybe they are the old snake oil salesmen and its now the pundits of the 'New Economy' or 'Knowledge Economy', eh?! Leading thinktank can't find knowledge economy - http://econdevuk.blogspot.com/2005/04/bland-unfounded-unhelpful-concepts-1.html

Having said that there are some half decent management books e.g. Schein's study of the Singapore Economic Development Board, Mintzberg's book on organisational structure, but then these authors also wrote bonkers rubbish too as well as the more sensible stuff.

You have to try real hard to get some decent stuff out of management professors - but there are some more interesting things out there by Porter, Kotler, Schein and Mintzberg.

Management 'science' takes a lot of case study evidence and spins it out into stereotypical generalisations in my experience.

Phil Hunt

I used to work on a project where there were more managers than workers.

Unsurprisingly, the project was a failure ans was cancelled uncompleted.

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