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June 08, 2005



"Orwell teaches us how to write"

No, no and no. What was it Cabrera Infante said, "if language is a pain of glass, on Orwell's view it should be transparent, you shouldn't even notice it, whilst mine is like frosted glass, you have to peer to see through, and you're always reflectively aware that there's something else between you and the 'meaning'." Well, he didn't actually put it exactly like that, we are talking about a radio programme 20 odd years ago, but the point stands fine I think. Jakobson's Poetics wouldn't be among those 8000 tomes I suppose :).


I just noticed your hat tip to Elster in the earlier post. I concur fully. Elster's "sour grapes" was one of the most remarkable books I read as a student, and opened up a whole range of issues that, humble economist that I am, I might have missed through solving too many equations. I recommend his stuff to anybody I can, at any time.


Hi, thanks for nominating me. I'm in the process of working it out, but things are busy at the moment and I want to make the process worthwhile. Will be done before the end of the week!



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