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June 17, 2005



Spot on:I hate that use of "leaders". How about that old, blunt word "bosses"?


Or, I'm tempted to suggest the phrase "big bananas", as in "Today, European big banana Toni Blair met Chancellor Hairdye and President Crook in Brussels...."
Alas, there would then be much mockery for their evident failure to satisfy the European regs on firmness, abnormal curvature etc.

Angry Economist

"Leadership": its exactly the kind of intangible nonsense but with promised f*ckloads of benefits that management gurus, and their sad footsoldiers the management consultants try to punt for shed loads of cash to the NHS and the like.

The "seven highly effective habits.." etc - like so much was made of such basic common sense. Like I need to read 200 pages to tell me to breath in and out regularly...

For me its a major plus if a senior bod can clearly articulate what they actually want us to do and why. It should be a basic criteria of their job interviews as so many are piss poor at it.

Some sense of wanting to follow that person into death or glory by a thousand papercuts might be a bonus... if you are an idiot.

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