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June 23, 2005



If Marx wins, it argues that the relentless political indoctrination by Radio 4 has worked:- agitprop funded by a poll tax.

Angry Economist

I'm disagree - Homer Simpson is my favourite philosopher.

Paddy Carter

middle classes eh?


have a heart Chris, its tough being middle class you know, trapped between snobbery and inverse snobbery in a well of self-hatred.


Is it just me, or is there something slightly absurd about judging the greatest philosopher according to popularity? By which, I mean even more absurd than judging any idea of excellence by popularity?

Let's face it, part of Socrates' claim to fame is that the mob voted to execute him.


Actually, I think the French-style two-round runoff would be a better system....

In fact, I voted for Marx, precisely because I knew it would annoy All The Right People if he won. Gove will do for starters, especially because he thinks Mugabe and Kim Jong-Il are Marxists and implies that Marx was more evil than Hitler, which is frankly bizarre. The fact that it has also annoyed you is an unfortunate, though tolerable, externality.


Interesting the short-list is all political philosophers - or at least those who wrote about politics. I doubt Popper's in there because people have read his philosophy of science.


Maybe the current position just reflects a greater motivation amongst a small group of Marxists to win by voting multiple times!!


Karl Marx was a philosopher?


Marx, then Kant and Wittgenstein tied for second place, then Nietzsche and Kierkegaard tied for fourth. (It's a bit of a peculiar shortlist - Heidegger and no Husserl? Come to think of it, where's Hegel?)

Your anti-Marx slate puzzles me. Mill was a great writer - he'd be one of my all-time top five Public Intellectuals - but scarcely a philosopher; and Popper was basically a twit. (Er, IMHO.)

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