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July 21, 2005



first read sour grapes as an undergraduate when a tutor recommended it as companion reading for an essay on the first welfare theorem; been thanking the guy mentally ever since


sometimes adapting oneself to circumstances , and cognitive dissonance, are essential psychological defense mechanisms when we can't escape our fate - ever had your heart badly broken ?

much truth in the old adage that what we want is ability to change things when ciumstances allow it, capacity to tolerate or adapt to things when you can't change them, and the wisdom to know which situation is which.


"the wealth of the rich makes the poor unhappy". It was once considered good manners for the rich not to flaunt it, even if that meant that the ill-bred among the rich thereby suffered a bit of short-term regret.

Robert Schwartz

There are prefernces and there are preferences. Some for instance are based on Envy, which was in a less elightened age belived to be a discreditable state of mind. Some are based on aesthetics. Some are based on the desire to keep breathing. Lumping them all as preferences inhibits analysis rather than aiding it.

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