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July 07, 2005



Cigarette smokers are vile, aren't they? But a vague memory instructs me that smoking a pipe is a much less dangerous habit, and of course smells far better. So if we were all being rational, we'd exempt pipe-smokers from our jihad, wouldn't we? The fact that we don't suggests that we are just a bunch of nasty puritans, doesn't it?

Michael Stastny

>>My objection is that
>>smokers lack self-discipline

Unfortunately, many non-smokers never lack self-discipline. That makes them unbearable.


Don't want to spoil the party here, but are smokers overrepresented in lots of other categories other than criminals and dancers? what about musicians, painters, architects, writers, directors? could there be something to be said for short-termism?


Smokers are usually litter louts too. The dropped fag-end and the packet thrown out of the car window. I bet they've all done it.

Andrew Duffin

Smoking a pipe smells far better?


You obviously never sat next to my old housemaster at breakfast.

Angry Economist

Economically its the fact that smokers free-ride too much. They pollute the lives of non-smokers without compensating them. They pay their taxes on their fags, but none of those can compensate for the fact that I might have caught a life threatening disease from someone smoking cigarettes.

As an ex-smoker I sympathise with the smoker's need to smoke. But it is an addiction full stop. The pleasure is gained from the physical reaction to feeding the addiction to nicotine and all those other chemicals. And the addiction is brutal. I still feel pangs for nicotine. But I can get over them. The worst mistake I made w.r.t. cigarettes was starting smoking in the first place.

Another beef I have is why doesn't the government incentivise the market to get rid of smoking premises etc? the planning authorities should insist that 50% of licensed premises are non-smoking. Licenses could be cheaper for non-smoking premises, loads more expensive for smoking premises.

Anyone who argues in favour of smoking - have they ever seen anyone die of lung cancer? I have and its a bloody desperate, unpleasant way to die.

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