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July 10, 2005



On the first one: I'd call herding people into churches and massacring them fairly terroristic; that terrorists tend to be, in this case, relatively wealthy, proves nothing about a causal link between terrorism and poverty, only that terrorists, in this particular case, are not poor - the cause of their terrorism could well have been someone else's poverty.
On the second - it might be a bit beside the point, but anyway - repression often is terroristic, so repression does breed terrorism, in the sense that it is terrorism.
On the third, well, so far as I know - which may not be far - there was terrorism in two of the three cases you mention against the state in question, if not its external support (and it's worth thinking about what happened in 1979 in the case of Iran).
The product of a market for hatred thing seems interesting though.


“Poverty breeds terrorism.”

That is true. It should read "frustration breeds violence".
That lots of these wackos are not from the poorest or least-educated groups says nothing about their level of frustration. They think they "should" do much better than they do. That is what counts.


I think the first point, is true. You can look to ur own economic model for proof. And while terrorists might not be the poor and destitute of their country, the certainly can be seen as a minority. Its ridiculous to say that they any of the reasons above are wrong. They are all thought out. Poverty is a contributing factor. Period. Repression does breed terrorism. Terroristic feelings increase in a repressed society. The difference is the display. Taking your example of Russia, under stricter repression they were unable to act out, however the sentiment was there. Your final point though, i correct. The West doesn't tolerate terrorism. They simply allow nations to govern themselves unless the (terrorits) interrupt the peace of life maintained in a country. So while they seem like "glib one liners" they are an easy way of summarizing a complex issue.

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