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July 06, 2005



"follow not a multitude to do evil": that's your nicest quote yet against the managerialist ethic in corporate, and public, life. Hardly likely to appeal, though, to the Passionate loathsome wee twat, is it?


Out of interest, how much revenue does all this generate for HM Treasury?


I take your point about it being a mess though, and the hypocrisy lying behind many of these restrictions.

the only problem is that the UK would be going contra to the EU treaties. It's illegal. See article 133 of the Treaty.

For what it is worth, there are special dispensations for least developed countries - the everything but arms initiative:


Andrew: I seem to recall that the revenue counts as European Commission 'own resources' - or at least a share does... but according to the last Budget, 'Customs Duties and Levies' counts as £2.2bn.

Tim Worstall

Andrew and Blimpish.
All customs duties are paid direct to the EU.

Chris, thanks a lot for finding that file. I’ve been trying to get it for yonks without having to pay Customs and E 1,500 quid. Good one.

Patrick Minford has also calculated the efect of all this nonsense. If we were free traders and the EU were to impose the normal tariffs on our exports to them we would benefit by 30 billion a year. Yes, benefit, not lose.


customs duities are all paid to the EU budget - less 25% of the amount collected, which member states can retain - notionally to cover costs

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