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July 08, 2005



Perhaps the bombers took Mao's dictum to heart "kill one and frighten a thousand"? And so the glib calculation at the beginning of this piece looks fragile. Naturally given the stellar qualities of Londoners Mao is clearly wrong (?)


My experience of London Pride is very different. I find it one of the more reliable beers. It is usually found in Fuller's own pubs, so the publicans have learnt the tricks of keeping a specific range of beers.

I find beers such as Adnams, usually a great pint, more risky in London where you find it served as a guest beer by people who don't know how to keep it.

BTW - Thanks for the above link.


I'd say the differential view of free will is about as plausible as the one where the poor are responsible for their fate and the wealthy have no choice but to respond to the incentives provided by a tax system but then a) I would say that, just for anti-libertarian kicks. Am I responsible? Hell yeah.

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