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July 28, 2005


Paul Davies

not so much a comment as such, but a 'well done': v interesting reading, and some new terms to go and investigate.

I would humbly suggest that some lighter spare-time reading could be judiciously employed without damaging your well-honed rationality :)


You're spot on with Gigerenzer: a superb read. You're not really cut out to be a journo, are you?

EU Serf

I have been shocked at times as to the lack of knowledge some journalists have over issues that they cover for their job. Even more shocking is that in some cases they showed no curiosity to learn about these things.


After an excellent post, the conclusion is that the marketplace rewards 'poor' journalistic standards.

No wonder you didn't get the role!!

Paddy Carter

I would add to that that editors want "a story" and successful journalists - usually trained by their Arts degrees in the construction of narrative edifices via verbal association - are skilled at supplying them. This usually means simplicity, striking popular chords and with good guys and bad guys, if possible.

The uncertainty that usually comes with attempting to weigh costs against benefits, exploring possible interpretations of evidence and searching for consistency, or perhaps by trying to evaluate a political choice by looking at available realistic alternatives, doesn't make for a very good story.

I guess this is just an expansion of your point 3, rather than something new, and as Snafu says, it's about incentives


Agree with the points made, but feel the failure (inability) to place a source or an event within context is the most egregious cause of extraodinarily misleading media coverage.

angry economist

I have made this point in several blogs incl Brad De Long's and this blog before but here we go again... apologies but some of these repeat the points of the article...

1) Journalists are after the story aren't they - the truth or facts or analysis are convenient extras if they help the story.

2) Journalists definitely aren't analysts and are poor analysts. Some are ok at political analysis, but as a job lot of them they are dodgy at economic analysis - and that includes the David Smith's and Will Hutton's of this world.

3) Journalists tend to be lazy - they get the story, they are happy, they stop digging, they put their feet up and move on to the next story about the Beckham's new hairdos or whatever.

4) The economists magazine is apparently written by journalists and not economists. They just spout too much editorial stuff these days and get a lot of stuff wrong. Maybe I am just becoming too much of a hard bitten economist to read amateur pish like this.

5) Newspapers are responsible for a lot of the damaging views and theories held about the economy!!!


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