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August 23, 2005


EU Serf

There is also nothing in Ken's remarks to justify a Eurosceptic supporting him.

He hasn't said sorry I was wrong, I think the EU is crap. He's instead said, I was wrong on one narrow issue, now trust me with all the other Euro conundrums.

Angry Economist

Goes back to why Britain is interested in things like the EU, and why some other European countries are. Similar to the Euro - for totally different reasons. UK thinks about economic benefits, possible efficiency gains, but do the other nations?

I think Ken is bailing out some water from his sinking (sunk?) leadership campaign by making nonsensical statements that may appease the eurosceptic wing of his party.

The major personal benefit of the Euro is that I don't have such a huge collection of useless coins sitting in a drawer somewhere. That's about it, isn't it?

Personally - I find that the economic grounds don't seem to be convincing enough to support UK entry. I couldn't give a fig for hanging on to the cultural cachet of the pound or sterling though. Load of patriotic tosh all that. As for the design of coins, lets signal our long term intentions to dump the monarchy and get their heids off them.

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