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August 26, 2005



Might make you less-publishable, but a worse writer? That logically entails Richard Littlejohn is our greatest modern wordsmith.


Well done on your analogy. If I hear another argument/complaint about China regarding manufacturing I think I'll vomit!

Are British people prepared to work in the same conditions for the same pay? Do we have a higher or lower cost of living? What happened to the comparative advantage that became extint once our economy moved from manufacturing to services* (technology)?

* see Rogoff growth stages theory.

We can't beat China at manufacturing and moaning about it likens us to school children running to the headmaster for favours (change the rules of the game) after losing fair and square.

Robert Schwartz

What really drives complaints about the loss of manufacturing jobs is nostalgia for a past where the working class wore cloth caps, belonged to unions, and knew its place.

Andrew Duffin

A hypothetical question for all you experts:

Is it possible for the entire world to run on a service economy?

Just wondering.

e m butler

wealth is created by manufacturing,mining and farming...all others move that wealth around..The service industries might make one or all of the three more efficient but without them there is no wealth..period..

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