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September 30, 2005



Re: HMHB being from Merseyside - I think they were formed in Birkenhead - but I've got "The Light At The End Of The Tunnel (Is The Light Of An On-coming Train)" on at the moment and they seem to mention every town in and around the Peak District in it - I don't know that many people that know where Leek is. And then there's the song A Shropshire Lad to consider, before we even get into the metaphysical "where are any of us from.....?"

"Well we both grew up in Eyam, and strange as it may seem, neither of us thought we'd ever leave"


Everyone knows where Leek is - it's near Uttoxeter. For years, Alton Towers was advertised as being "between Leek and Uttoxeter." HMHB would know this.


Leek is only relatively near Uttoxeter. When one is 16 and has a summer job at Alton Towers and has to cycle there every sodding morning to be able to scare small children in an eight foot high, very stinky dog costume, the word "near" does not enter the brain.

Maybe I've just had to explain to too many Germans where I grew up and they're unaware of the location of Britain's major theme parks?

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