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September 29, 2005


Alan Johnson

You are quite right, I sneaked some acoustic guitars in (to be honest the 'oaf' (actually a high-ranking leader within the Muslim community) said only voice and drums were acceptable, so I think that's reasonable. Recently I stood a few feet from David Rawlings and Gillian Welch as they played a set in Manchester. That man could play solo all night for me. Of course when its his guitar, her voice, their songwriting, well, it was one of those nights when the music transcends. They played a Jimi Hendrix song at one point (see me sneaking the electric guitars back in), Manic Depression (she said that he had pointed out how similar her vocal phrasing - the slow aching quality I guess - was to Jimi's, and so she thought she'd play the song). After they'd finished the shout went up... 'play Purple Haze!'.


Yes - I thought you knew that, I was just being pedantic.
The issue here is about the distinctions we make. For me, there's a huge distinction between electric and acoustic guitars ("Judas" was a good point.)But there's not much distinction between an oaf and a high-raning leader within the Muslim community.

Alan Johnson

Cant they both be wonderful? Robert Johnson and Albert King? Anyway i'm in your debt. I followed your advice and listened to Jolie Holland. Oh, my. I love days when you discover a new voice. Im off to get the free downloads. Later to Itunes and see if I can buy the album. Many thanks! Alan

Backword Dave

"This, Dave, is the silliest statement ever to appear on this blog."

Chris, I agree.

You forgot Alan's "David Gilmour's 12-string acoustic ..." although perhaps you considered that unsporting.

Robert Schwartz

"If you like Gillian Welch, you'll like Jolie Holland."

Ms. Holland seems to be more attractive than Ms. Welch, whp is skinny, not very pretty and has a sour expression.


I'm a little surprised to see you're a Gillian Welch fan, Chris. I'm currently forcing Red Clay Halo into my ears. Do you like Old Crow Medicine Show?

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