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September 11, 2005



In related news, Christmas could be turned into a fantastic holiday for turkeys if we would all adopt the traditional German Christmas dinner, but nevertheless, I think you will find it hard to persuade turkeys to vote for it.

The central principle of taxation is to extract the necessary number of feathers from the goose with the minimum of hissing. It seems pretty obvious to me that a flat tax is not the most efficient way of carrying out any sensible redistributive aim. As I said on the earlier thread, the average tax rate matters as much as the marginal one here; a large part of the "viciously high withdrawal rates" you mention above is housing benefit, but you're unlikely to convince the bottom quintile that they're better off without it.


Why is there such a squeeze on the post-tax incomes of middle income earners?

Rob Read

By "redistribution" you of course mean legalised theft.

Rob Read

We need a tax system that is hypothecated so people who want to use none of the state schemes can pay ZERO income tax.

Anything else is the neo-slavery of socialism.


Rob this post is entitled "Why the left should take the flat tax seriously"; I don't really think that "the neo-slavery of socialism" is on-topic.

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