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October 22, 2005


Innocent Abroad

I rather think Syd Barrett's reclusiveness was a tad involuntary...

David B. Wildgoose

Using IT as an excuse rings true though.

The problem with IT is that it is only ever noticed when it goes wrong.

I must say I find it particularly annoying that most end-users are so clueless that they seem congenitally incapable of recognising good work, (and not just mine before I'm hit with that accusation).

Eee Bye Gum

The most common solution, though, is just to moan and cuss about IT issues. You can hide behind this for months.

Yeah, we code-monkeys are always putting a spanner in the works ;-)

The best thing I've seen is the PRINCE2 (PRojects IN Controlled Environments) qualification in project management. This is a requirement if you intend to project manage any government IT project. You know - the ones that always come in late and over budget.

Great, I thought, something to add to my CV. Increase my promotional chances, aid my productivity, etc. So off I went to get the coursework.

The main body of this qualification teaches how to shirk responsibility by getting managers / directors / end users / to sign off on any number of potential problems and requirements they don't understand though a series of reports thus removing the project manager from any flack further down the line.

It teaches nothing of:
1) Implementation - how to build a robust software solution by 'divide and conquer' style sub-system compartmentalism, 'top-down' or 'data-driven' design philosophies.

2) Our for that matter anything relating to man-management.

3) Time management. (OK there maybe a mention of that favourite of project-managers the Gantt chart somewhere but only in passing).

All that stands between me and that large chunk of public sector cash is:
a) 100 multiple choice questions
b) an open-book exam
c) getting chummy with some government lackeys


"how to build a robust software solution by 'divide and conquer' style sub-system compartmentalism": sounds like the way we were taught to write programs all those years ago.



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