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December 07, 2005


Chris Williams

There's an interesting take on a variation of this in one episode within Iain M Banks's _Consider Phelbas_, where Our Hero has to get off a space habitat which is scheduled for demolition. Inflation happens.

Also, in real life, 2039 is plenty far enough away to put some serious earth to orbit infrastructure in place: probably enough to get half a million off, though only a proportion of those would have a hope of even medium-term survival. Who'll build the elevator if they don't think they can ride it, though?

Paddy Carter

"One of the interesting aspects of the end of the world is the light it sheds upon demand for money functions"

have you written a better sentence?


Economists! You ignore entirely that the total destruction of the Earth will hit women and minorities hardest.


Perhaps it's equipped with 72 virgins?


I already thought that the pensions crisis and the end of the world were linked. However, I had plumped for ecological mega-disasters and/or resource crunches rather than large lumps of rock hurtling through space.


Why do you think gold and commodity prices are rising?


Asymmetrical information? Most people do not think 30 years in advance, personally I don't normally think 30 days in advance, so cannot connect with that some of their money (the money they do not spend before everyone else realises the world is going to end) could be worthless.

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