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January 06, 2006



The kind of politician that is actively supportive of regimes involved in oppressing one's fellow humans, and the politician who is constantly imposing their ego onto them, and who doesn't try to understand the world, but rather tries to convince everyone else of their twisted understanding of the world.

The big question for me is whether he actually believes all this or whether he is just doing it for attention. So his illness is either delusionary or related to the need for adulation (or respect even, geddit?).


But George likes petty tyrants doesn't he? Maybe that's what he's always dreamed of being himself.


The term used is "greatest". Not nicest. Not most humanitarian. Not most appealing to the public. Castro, love him, loathe him, try to assassinate him, is a great figure in history. More will be written and remembered about him than people like Tony Blair, etc.

Great. Not necesarily nice.


CAstro's a tyrant, and yes he doesn't have a popular mandate, although he did have one so its really just a question of the gap between the renewal.

But Castro does have good points, and he has had the odds stacked against him with an outrageous trade and capital embargo and accusations of WMD manufacture etc.

It should be remembered that the US tried illegally to invade Cuba 60 years ago and they don't seemed to have learned much either.


Of course we already know for years that Galloway is insane. He thought and thinks that the former Iraqi leader and the current Syrian one are great men aswell.

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