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January 17, 2006



As a seriously ugly lard arse, the idea of HMG offering me "Harvey Nicks benefit" seems quite attractive, but the fact remains that although I'm sure I'd be a squillionaire if I looked like the young Bogart, I earn in the 9th decile, so I'd have to disqualify myself.

What I've noticed is that the tendency for like to look after like extends unofficially much further than the recognisable "Communities" that get written about. I, for example, am a member in good standing of the International Brotherhood of Shortarses (5' 3"). Everybody who has ever offered me a job has been well below average height, and I have factored this observation into my interview technique with some success. Likewise, I have notice fatties surrounding themselves with fatties, redheads with redheads, etc. I'm sure the unfashionable looking are disadvantaged in the job market, but the brighter among us find strategies to get by.

Which leads to the point that the true correlation, as has been recognised for years, is between criminality and stupidity.

BTW, Casey passes muster as a jolie laide: it's her politics that let her down. Think what it would be like if most women looked like Cherie Blair. The species would go extinct in a generation.

Robert Jubb

It strikes me, without bothering to read the research - I'm lazy like that - that there are at least two possible explanations for differences in self-reported criminal activity between the beautiful people and appearance-challenged, neither of which necessarily imply a correlation between being ugly and a criminal. First, that being good-looking correlates with class - better fed, better clothed, and simple class prejudice. Second, that good-looking people are treated better by the rest of the world, and so are less likely to think, because of positive reinforcement and all that kind of thing, that they've done anything wrong.


I have no criminal record, I'm tall, I am (well, was) intelligent; statistically therefore I'm beautiful. Yippee. But, alas,....

Maynard Handley

Daniel Nettle reports in his book the interesting fact that of the things you have substantial control over (ie ignoring things like health, marriage partner and job, where one is, to some extent, constrained by luck and the behavior of others) the single thing that seems to have the most durable impact on improving happiness is breast implants for women.

I say this not as a joke, but seriously. I have long felt that the mocking of plastic surgery is immature, and I really do think that an enlightened nation would allow it as part of the general socialized health scheme. Of course there are always issues of cost, and issues of serial abusers (Michael Jackson, Lindsay Lohan's in-again-out-again boobs), but a few weirdos should not shape the policy for society as a whole. Rather than a blanket dismissal of plastic surgery, I'd prefer to see a debate that attempted to put a value on the happiness (and wider social welfare if we believe this article) created by breast implants, botox,braces and so on, after which one can perform some sort of happiness maximization/currency unit and decide, OK, we'll allow 50 people in intensive care and pretty unlikely to recover to each die a day earlier, and with the case saved we'll perform 500 cosmetic surgery operations.


What does this say about people making dumb blonde jokes? - Is this what one calls post ironic...still trying to find an application of this term that is correct


Ugly people are more likely to be criminal sociopaths?

Well, it explains Gordon Brown.

Andrew McGuinness

On what basis do you assume that ugly people's disadvantages are less in illegal than in legal business? I would suspect the reverse...

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