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January 23, 2006



But why should visiting a rent boy affect one's credibility or perceived seriousness?


Sorry Ricardo - I should have elaborated the comparison with wearing a wig.
Seeing rent boys, like wearing wigs, is inherently comical. It makes you a figure of fun. Being a figure of fun doesn't affect your ability to do jobs requiring technical skill. But it does affect your ability to sell snake-oil. People think - wrongly - that being credible and being serious are closely correlated. That's why businessmen and economic writers try to be so boring - they hope humourlessness will create credibility.


I may be out of touch, but I am not yet sure that visiting prostitutes is "normal". If my dustman or dentist was in the habit of visiting prostitutes I would think I had a weirdo for a dustman or dentist. This might not worry me too much, but having a weirdo as prime minister would.


I think I might care if I thought that my dentist were recklessly risking Aids.
P.S I still think your "gotten" is quite misbegotten.

Robert Schwartz

"Two countries separated by a common language."

I take it that a "rent-boy" is a male homosexual prostitute. Is that correct?


robert, you are indeed correct.

Although i take issue with the term. it denotes an idea that gay people are peadophiles/sexual deviants and instantly sounds seedier that the word prostitute.


Stu - I don't think rent-boy has any connotations of paedophilia, any more than working girl does. I wouldn't have used the phrase if I thought it did.

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