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January 25, 2006



With reference to 'Seven things I cannot do: 5. Overcome my prejudice against public schoolboys' I expect you could if you narrowed your target.
For example, I have a prejudice against extremely camp, overacting etc. gay men but this doesn't mean I have a prejudice against all gay men.
Not all public schoolboys have many of the characteristic traits I presumptuosly assume trigger your prejudice.
On re-reading this, it seems I have subconsciously linked public schoolboys and homosexuality in this post, unintended.


Speak to strangers (though I'm good at public speaking)

empathise here - kinda weird. hate phones too


I thought you had moved outside London?


Ah, I see a very old post appeared on bloglines. I hope you've met a nice girl. Not going to well on the public schoolboys though!

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