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February 10, 2006


Robert Jubb

The bill only gives the Crown the power to alter statutory instruments so far as I can see, which are already constrained by legislation. Pleasing, in that it would allow the construction of a nice myth, as it would be for this to be an enabling law, it's not. On the other hand, Blair's condemnation of Chavez is a bit rich. I bet more than 40% odd of the proportion of his electorate that bothered to vote voted for his Government.

Backword Dave

Power corruptsss, yours Gollum. [cc Sssauron]
PSSS Absssolute power, heh heh heh...
PPSSS Massster isss not a moron.


He's just the same empty-headed preachy little shit that we elected in '97.


Perhaps if all Britain's allies were proper functioning democracies then maybe he would have room to talk, but they're not, so he doesn't.


Blair was quite wrong to say he "would prefer to see Cuba a fully functioning democracy" -- what a ridiculous thing to even think, let alone say. As for suggesting that countries in south and north America have common interests - well! this just confirms, once and for all, and not that it needed any further confirmation, the opinion I've always had of him.

Paul Scargill

He doesn't care about the people and certainly not their opinions.

He just tells his friend Ms Wade (editor of the Sun) what he'd like the prolitariat to think.

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